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North Street Phoenix

PHEONIX The School to Careers program at North Street has seen great success. Since 2006 we have been successfull in sending our juniors and seniors to the workforce. The students and Ms. Hespe have been working together submitting applications, practicing interview skills and visiting area businesses. In the past, students have been successful in securing a position with Party Rental LTD, Stop & Shop, Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond. As we begin the fall term at our new location in North Street, Ms. Hespe and new North Street students begin the job process. Ms. Hespe continues to work with the other students in the program so they too can be successfully employed when the opportunity presents itself. Congratulations to the students and Ms. Hespe.

In the past, the students asked to have a school mascot. In response, the school administer challenged the senior class to come up with a school mascot that would best represent the school. The students chose the Phoenix. The Phoenix represents a mythical bird that consumes itself in fire in order to obtain a new life by rising from the ashes. Hence North Street students have been given a chance to be successful in society.