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  • School When considering an out-of-district placement for a student with disabilities, several factors should be considered. Does the program provide

    • The emotional support needed for the student to be successful?
    • A behavioral intervention program to help students develop behavioral controls?
    • Remediation in reading and mathematics?
    • A method for the student to recover credit for missing subjects?
    • Opportunities for students to explore employment options?
    • Case management, and does the program take ownership of the student while still maintaining strong communication with the local district?

    The North Street School provides an educational program which meets the New Jersey high school requirements for graduation. All core subjects are taught by subject-certified teachers. Students are provided reading and PARCC testing; an online computer program from  Scholastic Read 180, Duolingo, and Carnegie Learning that assists them in expanding their math ability from their current level of proficiency through Algebra II, and; the Power Source Program, daily small group sessions guided by our certified school counselor.

    Here at North Street School, we believe it takes a village to raise a child. We are connecting with our parents on a different level. Every 3 months our parents are invited to a scheduled group meeting where we discuss and exchange ideas on the best possible strategies to reach our students. It’s proven to be a great source of support for our parents who face similar challenges at home. Our faculty and staff benefit from it by getting a better understanding of how to deal with certain behaviors so that our students are more productive in the classroom. Finally, our students have more continuity as far as what is expected of them at home and at school. The meetings are used to close the gap of communication between home and school, and to build a community of support from both ends for the benefit of our students.

    Our Career Guidance component assists students in obtaining employment and provides visits to Bergen Community College as well as other postsecondary programs.  All classroom instruction is guided by the students’ IEPs.  In collaboration with Division of Family Guidance our behavior intervention program helps BCSS students to identify their behavioral challenges.  It is the goal of the program to assist students in developing more appropriate behavior modification skills, thereby allowing them to transition to a less restrictive environment in another Bergen County Special Services program or to return to their home district high school.

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