Welcome to the BCSS Business Administration Office

  • BCTS Business Administration Office supervises all administration and finance functions and staff of the District; oversees the business affairs, transportation, construction, and operations of the District to efficiently and effectively achieve the educational goals of the District within available financial resources. The Business Administrator also serves as the Board of Education’s official agent and keeper of records as the Board Secretary.

  • John Susino  
    Business Administrator/Board Secretary
    201-343-6000 X4056

    Kate Kubler
    Secretary to the Business Administrator
    201-343-6000 X4081


  • Peter Bellani
    Accounting Manager
    201-343-6000 X4083

    Christian Moran
    Accounts Payable/ Staff Travel/ Lunch Applications
    201-343-6000 X4059

    Thomas Kuhn
    Accounts Receivable/Billing
    201-343-6000 X4047

    Cindy Guarino
    Business Office Secretary/Tuition Contracts
    201-343-6000 X4022