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  • The NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities is seeking feedback from parents/guardians/caregivers of children and youth with I/DD who have completed or tried to complete the DD Eligibility application for PerformCare.  This is the link to the on-line survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DDEligibility  Let your voices be heard!

    DDD is developing a new initiative thanks to new funding Governor Murphy included in the budget, which focuses on emergency out-of-home residential services for individuals with IDD who require intensive behavioral support to safely return home. As the Division begins to develop these services, they want input from families.

    Please take a few minutes to complete an online Intensive Behavioral Services Survey. Your feedback is vital to ensuring that the design and delivery of new behavioral stabilization services best reflects the community’s needs. The survey will be open until November 22, 2019.

    DDD values your input and encourages you to complete this survey so that your voice can be heard on this important initiative.



    New Jersey DDD Fee-for-Service
    Transition Oversight Board
    Public Input Opportunities
    The Oversight Board invites you to attend a focus group to solicit feedback from individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and their families as well as provider and support coordination agencies regarding access, continuity and quality of DOD services.  

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    Graduates Timeline Now Available

     DDD’s Timeline for Students Exiting School and Turning 21, commonly known as theGraduates Timeline, is now available. This timeline provides next steps for students who are turning 21, exiting the school system, and interested in accessing adult services through DDD. Because the fee-for-service transition is nearing completion and the information will remain the same going forward, the timeline is no longer specific to a graduating year.





A Message from the Director

  • Linda

    Fall has arrived!!  Once again the CAPE Center will be offering some exciting workshops for both parents/guardians and professionals in the field.

    Our always-popular Parent to Parent Exchange monthly meeting for October is on the15th of the month.  These monthly parent support meetings are geared to parents with youth 14 years and older, who have developmental and other disabilities. Doreen Moran leads the group and she wears the hat of both professional in the field and parent of two young adults with disabilities.  Hope you can participate - drop in when you can.

    We have two more parent workshops in October.  On the 17th, we have Financial and Legal Planning for Individuals with Special Needs:  How to Care and Prepare for your Child’s Future.  The panel discussion will address your child’s needs, steps to managing the personal finances, legal issues, accessing government benefits including information about establishing guardianships, etc  On the 23rd, we invite parents/guardians to an Information Session with Paul Aronsohn who is the Ombudsman for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families.  He presented a workshop last year to rave reviews and you will learn a lot if you attend.  Register at https://cape.bergen.org.  Good news we are now on Facebook!  Follow us by checking and liking us at https://www.facebook.com/BCSS-CAPE-Center-916194751871045/. 

    For professionals, please check our website for upcoming professional workshops. 

    Hope to see you soon!!  Of course, feel free to contact me at the BCSS CAPE Resource Center if you have any questions.

    All the best,




BCSS CAPE Resource Center

  • The BCSS CAPE Resource Center serves as a...

    A hub for educators, community members and individuals living and working in and around Bergen County to locate services and resources for those with developmental and other disabilities;

    We offer...

    Resource Coordination/Information

    • Resource coordination includes intake as well as referral to the system of services and educational resources in Bergen County and the surrounding communities.
    • Educational materials, such as fact sheets, journal articles, publications, directories, etc., on topics related to people with disabilities;

    Educational Workshops (Areas of interest include…)

    • Transition Planning
    • Parenting Skills
    • Guardianship/Estate Planning/Special Needs Trusts
    • Housing Options
    • Monthly Parent Support Groups
      • Monthly Aspen Dads Groups
      • Monthly Parent Support Group for parents/caregivers with youth 14 yrs. and older

    Linda Wieseneck, Director, is available to answer questions and to provide consultation and support regarding special services and community resource options.  Follow up ensures quality of services.

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