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A Message from the Director

  • Linda


    Welcome to the BCSS CAPE Resource Center. The Center serves the special needs community by providing access to information, resources, services, educational opportunities, and referrals. Learn about the many features, services and benefits that the Center brings to the special needs community.  

    As the summer starts to fade, the fall brings some exciting new changes.  Stay tuned for our new look!  We open the fall season with our always popular Parent to Parent Exchange monthly meetings.  The first one meets Wednesday, September 13th at 7:00pm.  The remainder of the year the meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm.  These monthly parent support meetings are geared to parents with youth 14 years and older, who have developmental and other disabilities. Doreen Moran leads the group and wears the hat of both professional in the field and parent of two young adults with disabilities.  Hope you can participate - drop in when you can.

    Later in the month, on Tuesday, September 25th at 6:30, we will hold a Financial and Legal Planning for Individuals with Special Needs information session.  This panel discussion will address the need to plan for your child’s future, the steps to take in managing your personal finances and the legal issues required for the current and future care of your child with special needs.  Bring your questions because our legal and financial planning experts will have answers.

    Please check back in the next few weeks for our fall workshops and flyers.  Register at https://cape.bergen.org


    We hope to see you soon!



BCSS CAPE Resource Center

  • The BCSS CAPE Resource Center serves as a...

    A hub for educators, community members and individuals living and working in and around Bergen County to locate services and resources for those with developmental and other disabilities;

    We offer...

    Resource Coordination/Information

    • Resource coordination includes intake as well as referral to the system of services and educational resources in Bergen County and the surrounding communities.
    • Educational materials, such as fact sheets, journal articles, publications, directories, etc., on topics related to people with disabilities;

    Educational Workshops (Areas of interest include…)

    • Transition Planning
    • Parenting Skills
    • Guardianship/Estate Planning/Special Needs Trusts
    • Housing Options
    • Monthly Parent Support Groups
      • Monthly Aspen Dads Groups
      • Monthly Parent Support Group for parents/caregivers with youth 14 yrs. and older

    Linda Wieseneck, Director, is available to answer questions and to provide consultation and support regarding special services and community resource options.  Follow up ensures quality of services.

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