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    Additional or Compensatory Special Education and Related Services for Students with Disabilities: Recently Signed Legislation and Participation in Graduation Ceremonies

     The Directory was updated as of 6/16/2021. Please contact Linda Wieseneck for on-going updates.

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    COVID Vaccine Available Through
    ​Special Needs Partnership

    With a shared commitment to the health and safety of our most vulnerable populations, Autism New Jersey and the Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey (VNACJ) Community Health Center have partnered to increase access to the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible individuals with autism or I/DD who may need special accommodation.

    Vaccines will be administered by Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey at their Bell Works Vaccine Site in Holmdel, New Jersey.

    For those with special needs, the clinic has made several accommodations that include:

    • designated parking
    • a special needs check-in station
    • limited wait times
    • special access to avoid public waiting areas

    Autism New Jersey has developed a "pre-registration" form and process to help manage an allotment of special needs appointments.

    Completing our pre-registration form is the first step in getting your vaccination appointment, but is not a guarantee of an appointment.

    By completing the form, you will be added to our list and notified if and when an appointment becomes available for a special needs accommodation spot at VNACJ’s clinic in Holmdel, New Jersey.


    During the pandemic, Social Security has continued to provide service online and by phone while our offices remain closed for walk-in service. Our local office employees are busy answering calls to their office. While we offer many online and phone options to help you, we recognize that in-person assistance is sometimes necessary.

    Though walk-in service is not available, we may be able to schedule an in-person appointment in certain situations. We have updated information on our Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) web page to explain situations involving help with benefits or a Social Security number when we may be able to schedule an appointment. If you believe your client qualifies for an in-person appointment, ask your client to call their local office. They can look up the phone number for their local office by accessing our office locator.  Please note that appointments may not be immediately available, depending on local health and safety conditions and staffing.  An in-person appointment may be possible if your client: 

    • Is without food or shelter, including utilities or is without medical care or coverage and needs to apply for or reinstate benefits.
    • Currently receives benefits and has an urgent need for payment to meet expenses for food, shelter, or medical treatment, and cannot receive the payment electronically.
    • Is age 12 or older applying for their first SSN card.
    • Needs to update or correct their SSN information (e.g., name, date of birth, or citizenship) to obtain income, resources, or medical care or coverage, or other services or benefits (e.g., filing a tax return, applying for housing, seeking an Economic Impact Payment). 

    Please visit and subscribe to our Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) web page to keep up to date during the pandemic. I encourage you to share this information with your members, colleagues, affiliates, and other interested parties.



A Message from the Director

  • Hello from the BCSS CAPE Resource Center.  We serve the special needs community by providing access to information, resources, services, referrals and educational opportunities.  Explore our website to learn about the many features and services the Center brings to you at as aLinda caregiver/family member, a professional or an individual with disabilities.

    We are all experiencing numerous challenges and emotions these days and caring for a loved one with a disability can present additional issues and concerns. Please feel free to reach out to me for a friendly ear and/or for information/resources to assist you. Our Zoom Webinars on topics such as guardianship, understanding governmental benefits, safety in the community, etc. are underway. Check out our archived webinars, too. Our Virtual Parent/Caregiver Support Workshops facilitated by Doreen Moran have resumed and based on the participation, are a wonderful success. The support groups meet monthly. Although they are free, registration is required.

    As we continue to plan our future workshops, if you have any suggestions about topics, please let me know.

    To join our email list for more information about our future workshops, please sign-up HERE - https://lp.constantcontact.com/su/V9b5SEg/parentssignup

    Hope to see you (virtually) soon!! Of course, feel free to contact me at the BCSS CAPE Resource Center if you have any questions/concerns, etc. WE ARE OPEN. 201-343-6000 x 4067 or by email at linwie@bergen.org. Stay safe and be well! All the best,

    Linda Signature





BCSS CAPE Resource Center

  • The BCSS CAPE Resource Center serves as a...

    A hub for educators, community members and individuals living and working in and around Bergen County to locate services and resources for those with developmental and other disabilities;

    We offer...

    Resource Coordination/Information

    • Resource coordination includes intake as well as referral to the system of services and educational resources in Bergen County and the surrounding communities.
    • Educational materials, such as fact sheets, journal articles, publications, directories, etc., on topics related to people with disabilities;

    Educational Workshops (Areas of interest include…)

    • Transition Planning
    • Parenting Skills
    • Guardianship/Estate Planning/Special Needs Trusts
    • Housing Options
    • Monthly Parent Support Groups
      • Monthly Aspen Dads Groups
      • Monthly Parent Support Group for parents/caregivers with youth 14 yrs. and older

    Linda Wieseneck, Director, is available to answer questions and to provide consultation and support regarding special services and community resource options.  Follow up ensures quality of services.

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