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  • Emerson BCSS - RE-ENTRY PLAN

    The NOVA North program, located at the Emerson Junior/Senior High School, educates students in grades seven through twelve who are academically capable but require support to handle a mainstream setting. NOVA North is an ideal setting for students who have had a variety of behavioral issues in the past, but have typically begun to develop insight into their behavior(s) by the time they enter this program. In school-level counseling, students continue to work on understanding their behaviors, substituting appropriate behaviors while finding and strengthening alternative coping mechanisms. Counseling is available to all NOVA students. The NOVA staff works with parents/guardians to ensure students are sucsessfull academically and socially.

    The NOVA North program follows the Emerson Junior/Senior High School curriculum which is based upon the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS), as well as each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP)–mandated services and modifications. Students participate in all state-mandated testing. Progress is formally reported with quarterly report cards that reflect Emerson’s grading system, midterm exams, final exams, and two mid-marking period reports.
    NOVA students may participate in internships in their junior and senior years. A NOVA guidance counselor will assist sudents with postsecondary planning.

    Students begin interacting in the mainstream process by participating in physical education class, electives, lunch, and extracurricular activities. Effective communication between the Emerson High School staff and the NOVA staff helps to maintain an excellent relationship as everyone works toward a mutual goal—the students’ success.

A Message from the Principal

  • It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome students, staff and families to the start of the 2019-2020 school year.  The start of a new school year is always a time to envision the many opportunities our students will experience in order to enhance their social, emotional and academic growth.  These opportunities may include mainstreaming, securing an internship, or utilizing updated technology to help meet academic goals.  The main focus is to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate life after graduation.  For that reason, my staff members work closely with students, families and local districts to assure that transition goals are implemented and achieved.  It is evident, form success stories I have witnessed, that exceptional work is being done in BCSS programs.  I plan to support that work with my experience as we look forward to continued growth.

    Thank you for allowing me to work with your children.  I look forward to meeting and collaborating with you throughout the school year.

    Kelly Lopez

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