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Met Life Trip

        The Gateway program recently went on a tour to MetLife Stadium. Upon arriving they were greeted with their very own personal tour guide.  While on the tour they were able to visit the Legacy Club, Press Box, Commissioner’s Suit, and the sideline of the field. The tour guide imparted into them many interesting facts about not only the New York Giants but also about the Marra family who started the great legacy of the Giants football family.

         They also learned that there was a lot of artifacts gathered from the previous stadium to make this new stadium more successful and comfortable for the patrons during events, which is one of the reasons they have over 60 food stands, with food varieties to serve just about anyone who is there to enjoy the game.  There are many jobs at the stadium, from changing the turf from the JETS to GIANTS, prepping for a concert, switching signs over, food servers, ticket handlers, security, where they all have to work together to make every event successful and safe.

  Last but not the least, the students were able to walk by the locker rooms of the NFL players, unfortunately they could not go inside, as per the player’s reason why: “Would you like for someone to walk around in your bedroom?”  Overall it was a very informational and successful trip.  Go Giants!!


MetLIfe Stadium