Transition Services

  • Services to Assist Students in Making a Successful Transition from School to Adult Life Including: Employment, Post-Secondary Options and Community

  • Individual and Classroom Services

    • Job Shadowing, Internships, Industry Tours
    • Job Development and Site Inspection/Follow-up Visits
    • Job Coaching
    • Worksite Adaptations and Modifications
    • Travel Training/Linkages/Assessments
    • Vocational Assessments Including Standardized and/or Situational Assessments
    • Self-Advocacy Skills Development
    • Linkages and Training On Adult Support Systems
    • Person-Centered Planning
    • Facilitation of Person-Centered Planning Approach Meetings
    • Facilitating Transition Programs
    • Post-Secondary Guidance
    • College and Technical School Visitations
    • Post-Secondary Accommodations and Supports, Including ACT/SAT Registration Process
    • Supporting Students with Behavioral Challenges
    • Adult Life Coordinator to Assist Families with Linkages to Adult Support Systems
    • Job Coaching After School Hours
    • Virtual Platform to Provide Transition Activities, when needed


    Training Services

    In-Service Training, Consultation and Staff Professional Development

    • Transition Planning and IEP Process
    • Curriculum Development and Implementation
    • Community Based Instruction
    • Structured Learning Experiences
    • Job Development Training
    • Job Coach Training
    • Mentor Training
    • Americans With Disabilities (ADA) Training
    • Workplace Sensitivity Training
    • Parent Training and Support Meetings
    • Person-Centered Planning
    • Exploring and Accessing Post-Secondary Options for Students with Disabilities
    • Support and Development of New Initiatives
    • NJCAN Online Curriculum Training


    Senior Experience Program

    The Senior Experience Program is designed to provide General Education students with internship opportunities within the community during their senior year of high school.  Under the supervision of WBL Coordinators, the following services are provided.

    • Consulting with students regarding interests
    • Supporting students using NJCAN to conduct interest inventories
    • Developing relationships with neighboring businesses/companies
    • Support students in creating resumes
    • Facilitating Interviews and placement for each student
    • Initial site inspections for each placement
    • Completion of WBL paperwork as per NJ DOE guidelines
    • Guide students with transportation options
    • Required follow-up visits during the school year as per NJ DOE guidelines
    • Monitoring attendance and journals on a weekly basis
    • Coordination of year-end student project
    • Consulting with school staff, students, mentors as needed
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