Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy

  • Our Therapists Are Skilled Clinicians With Extensive Experience Working With Children And Adolescents With Developmental, Sensory Processing, And Neuromuscular Disorders And Learning Disabilities. 

  • Therapy Services Include:

    • Comprehensive Evaluations
    • Direct Treatment Services
    • Consultative Services
    • Integrated Therapies
    • Inclusion Support 


    Professional Development Workshops (Topics can be custom designed to meet your school district's individual needs)

    • Handwriting and Pre-Handwriting Approaches
    • Sensory Integration
    • Visual/Perceptual Challenges
    • Environmental and Classroom Seating and Adaptations
    • Yoga in the Classroom
    • Dyslexia and Language
    • Dyslexia and OT Resources
    • Augmentative Communication Devices 
    • Integrating PT, OT and S/LT in the Classroom
    • The Role of PT, OT and S/LT in Successful Inclusion
    • Ages and Stages of Motor Development
    • Expressive and Receptive Speech / Language Development 
    • Sensory Diets for the Classroom
    • Adaptive Physical Education
    • Response to Intervention
    • Covid 19 - Thinking Back, Looking Ahead
    • Sensory Systems and Self-Regulation - How this Affects Student (and Staff) Wellness

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