Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC)

  • AAC provides individuals with severe communication disabilities the opportunity to have a voice and be heard.

  • AAC Evaluations

    To assess and determine if a student would benefit from communication supports or to assess the student's readiness for an advanced communication device


    Focus on basic set-up, modification of existing pages and customizing overlays to meet the individual needs of the student


    Focus on introducing AAC, specific device training, implementing and integrating the use of AAC devices within a variety of environments: classroom, home, community

    Ongoing Services

    Regular communications with staff and availability to meet on an "as needed or requested" basis 


    Is for educational and therapeutic staff as well as family, in order to provide input in the use, design, implementation, and maintenance of specific augmentative/alternative communication devices 

    AAC Equipment Rentals

    We provide a wide variety of unaided/aided, low-tech and high-tech.  Devices which enable such individuals to express their thoughts, ideas, wants and needs



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