Assistive Technology & Educational Technology

  • Our team consists of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals with significant experience in both Assistive Technology and Educational Technology, providing the best services to students, educators and school districts.

  • Classrooms/ School Consultative Services

    On-site Assistive Technology (AT) consultative services for staff (teachers, therapists, CST) and students on a hourly/daily basis.  Allows districts to be proactive and find AT solutions for struggling students on an as needed basis. 

    We can also provide a classroom consultation and make recommendations for technologies that will support students with different needs.

    Individual Student Support

    This service is designed to support your students as they use assistive technology to access their curriculum.  This service can include classroom technology training, switch and access support, hardware and software troubleshooting, and individual implementation strategies on an ongoing or as-needed basis.

    Assistive Technology Consultation (Student)

    This support includes a team meeting (participants chosen by the requesting district), student observation and written suggestions with technologies and/or strategies that may provide academic support. A completed consultation intake form is required prior to the team meeting.  This service may be beneficial in several circumstances:

    • When the IEP team is not sure if AT supports will benefit the student
    • The student has been using technology supports and the team would like assistance to review the AT system currently in place.
    • If a student's team is considering a referral for an Augmentative Communication Assessment, an AT Consultation may help determine if foundational skills (e.g., switch access, cause and effect skills, etc.) have already been established, and suggestions to provide that support.


    Assistive Technology Evaluation (Student)

    An Assistive Technology Evaluation is a thorough assessment that includes a review of records, team consultation, and direct equipment trials.  The service is concluded with a detailed written report with specific recommendations for hardware, software, training, and implementation.


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