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Meals on Wheels

Visions @ Emerson students are being given a chance to give back to their community by volunteering to deliver food through the North Jersey Meals on Wheels agency.  As a part of the Community Based Instruction program, each student is developing new life skills and academic skills such as reading directions and following maps as well as fostering their existing experience and knowledge of organization and working in the community.Meals on Wheels

They are also building up their resumes all while making an impact on the kind of community and world they want to live in. By helping seniors in our area stay in their homes, maintaining their health, and giving them a visit to check on how their day is going, our students are able to make a positive impact on others lives.  Our student’s have especially enjoyed seeing the smiles and gratitude given with every delivery. They are getting the satisfaction of being a part of something bigger than just themselves, their families, or their school.