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Visions Becton students is the opportunity to work

Tightwire One of the many advantages we provide our Visions Becton students is the opportunity to work with a Job Coach. This gives students not only the chance to tour numerous facilities that are prospective placements, but the ability to gain experience and knowledge of different job or career possibilities to pursue during the school year and possibly after they graduate.

Our location in Becton Regional High School offers students mainstream opportunities that have included participation in pep rallies and school-wide fundraisers. Our eleventh grade students recently completed the HSPA (High School Proficiency Assessment) exam. Taking this nationwide assessment was a great experience for our students. The Visions staff worked with students to help them feel comfortable and ready to take the test. Following the assessment, our students said they felt not only prepared, but anxious to see their results.

At the Visions Becton program, we use a variety of new, old, and modified teaching styles. This guarantees our students' learning experiences are more successful and engaging. Each student is assigned a laptop for the school year: We believe Web-based learning improves students' computer literacy skills and helps them stay focused and involved in classroom lessons. They have taken part in numerous PowerPoint, SmartBoard, and internet-based activities, including interactive math lessons on the internet. In Biology, our students were able to virtually look through microscopes and dissect species using different science websites. This was not only a new and less messy way of learning, but great for the students and teachers that have a hard time dissecting the real thing!