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Sensory Room at Bleshman Regional Day School

I am pleased to share with you a video of our new, state of the art Sensory Room at Bleshman Regional Day School.  The Sensory Room is a unique, therapeutic space designed to engage our students in stimulating or calming activities to facilitate self-regulation.

Our Sensory Room addresses the following sensory areas: auditory, tactile, visual, proprioception and vestibular.  The variety of sensory equipment within this space offers a range of opportunities for our students to engage in fine motor, gross motor and interactive activities based on personalized sensory needs.

Through the use of technology, students are able to access their environment with increased independence.  With a touch of a button on an iPad, students can activate choice equipment as well as to control the lighting in the room.  

Each piece of equipment was chosen with a specific sensory function in mind. The fiberoptic ropes and lighted marble board enhance therapy sessions through visual and tactile stimuli while the somatron transmits computer-generated musical frequencies into vibrations to provide vibro-acoustic therapy and auditory input.  Our Funtronic system engages students in an interactive visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience and our projection system allows the room to be transformed into a whole new environment. 

If you should have any questions about the Sensory Room, or other programs offered at Bleshman, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Warmest Regards,

Gail Coe