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  • Students Wood Ridge Adult Training Center (ATC) and Progressive Paths: The BCSS team has worked with a clear vision to create a program that speaks to the whole person, recognizing certain skill sets are necessary for an individual to learn, feel fulfilled, achieve, reach their full potential and contribute to the world at large. New Jersey is an Employment First State and as such we recognize that as an ATC we play an important role in fostering increased independence, community inclusion and a path to employment.

    The Program:

    • Basic Skill Level - Developing the ability to learn make mature choices
      • Foundational Skills: Successfully follow a daily schedule and perform meaningful tasks.
      • Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence: Increase and deepen the maturity of friendships and relationships through enhanced listening, communication, problem solving, coping and self- advocacy skills.
    • Intermediate Skill Level - Acquiring Specific Skills
      • Independent Living Skills: Individuals will work towards increased independence and improving quality of life through daily living and learning activities in a safe, fulfilling and independent manner.
      • Technology Skills: Individuals will learn, increase their understanding, and apply learned techniques in the area of technology. Individuals will learn to operate devices safely and increase their skill level through enhanced communications, problem solving, presentation and self- advocacy skills.
      • Personal Care Skills: Individuals will help with and accept assistance for personal care tasks in order to remain clean, healthy and comfortable.
    • Advanced Level - Applying Skills Learned
      • Community Immersion: Individuals will generalize information learned through facility based instruction in the community and display appropriate and mature foundational, social and independent living skills.


A Message from the Coordinator of Adult Services

  • Welcome to the BCSS WoodRidge Adult Training Center and Progressive Paths Program

    Our programs are DDD/Medicaid approved for three key Supports Program services: Day Habilitation, Community Inclusion and Pre-Vocational Training.

    Students Our programs provide instruction and support on three levels, primarily foundational or development of skills; secondly, the acquisition of skills; and thirdly, application and implementation of skills in the community.

    Programmatic Objectives:

    • Foundational Skills
    • Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence
    • Self Help and Daily Living Skills
    • Technology Skills
    • Community Inclusion
    • Personal Care

    On a basic level certain foundational and social skills are needed in order to maximize participation in tasks and activities and coping with interpersonal issues with maturity and effectiveness.

    On an intermediate level certain areas of interest can be learned, performed and utilized to increases one's happiness just as the ability to perform activities of daily living and personal care can enhance self esteem.

    Lastly on an advanced level these skill sets are taken out in the community where each individual is supported to effectively interact with members of the community, perform meaningful tasks and activities, navigate safely and enjoy the world around them.

    For individuals who present with significant support needs in communication, attention to task, social interactions and self-directed behavior, BCSS has created a special, nurturing environment - Progressive Paths. The primary purpose of this program is to enhance each individuals sense of autonomy, promote the ability to connect with others becoming part of their community, and fostering skill development in real world settings. Progressive Paths typically provides instruction and support in a 1:3, 1:5 staff to adult ratio.

    Bergen County Special Services is committed to providing quality programming that enables adults to be contributing and valued members of their community.

    We invite you to visit our program.

    Please contact us today for a tour!

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  • Ross Dock Picnic

    The Wood-Ridge ATC clients enjoyed a day trip to the Ross Dock Picnic Area just north of the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ.

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