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It's off to work we go.

Work The focus of the Springboard Program is to provide students with the skills necessary to integrate into the community. Students in the program enhance their ADL skills, levels of independence and coping strategies. These skills are learned in the supportive, structured learning environment, which Springboard provides. Work opportunities include settings such as Marshalls, HomeGoods, TJMaxx, where students work in the stock room. Van Saun Park, students do landscaping work. Fairleigh Dickinson University, students prepare cooking trays and do janitorial work. At the Fiesta students prepare the tables for upcoming festivities. In these work settings, our students practice their functional skills that enhance their opportunities for success in their future endeavors.

Of course, the program is tailored for each student to insure that the IEP goals are addressed. Each student’s program is reviewed on a regular basis, which consists of the teacher, the case manager, the nurse and the Principal.