Welcome to Transition Center @ Wood-Ridge

  • ADL Transition Center at Wood-Ridge Schedule:

    All students will follow the full time, 9am to 2:45pm schedule.  Students opting for remote learning will be provided with a specific schedule from their assigned teacher(s) which will allow for them to fully participate in Live Teaching Lessons through the Zoom Platform.  Each day, all students will be provided with a Special of either Physical Education, Music, or Art.  These classes will be presented Live over the Zoom Platform.  There will be no singing in Music, or any activity that would lead to strong breathing in Physical Education.  Any instruments used in Music will only be used by one student and it will be disinfected between each new student.

     The district re-opening plan is an on-going process and subject to change as directed by the New Jersey Department of Education or as dictated by changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.


    The Transition Center at Wood-Ridge educates students, grades 5 through the age of twenty-one, with special needs who demonstrate cognitive delays. Instruction focuses on developing each student's independent living skills to their full potential. The Transition Center provides a full day school- and community-based learning environment, which includes Individual Education Program (IEP)-driven instruction focusing on the mastery of functional academic skills required for daily living and working in the community. All students benefit from training in the areas of health; personal, workplace, and travel safety; and appropriate social interactions. Through work internships, functional academics, and a variety of daily living experiences, students are prepared to become true citizens of their communities. In addition to traditional academics, students receive instruction in art, music, adaptive physical education, and health education.

A Message from the Principal

  • Welcome to the Transition Center at Wood-Ridge.  Here at the Transition Center we serve students from grades 5 through graduation at the age of 21.  Our program is broken down into three different areas.  The first is our Middle School.  In there you will find students from grades 5 through 8.  Our next area is the high school portion.  Once these students reach of the age of 16, they will begin to participate in our group internships.  Our program has partnered with over 15 local businesses to expose our students to the vocational world.  Our final area is the Springboard class.  These students have completed their academic requirements so the focus of this class is occupational and vocational learning.

    All of our students have a true sense of belonging and feel at home during their time at the Transition Center.  If we can help you in any way, please feel free to contact us.

    Thank you.

    Robert Mortorano

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