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    The Transition Center at Wood-Ridge educates students, grades 5 through the age of twenty-one, with special needs who demonstrate cognitive delays. Instruction focuses on developing each student's independent living skills to their full potential. The Transition Center provides a full day school- and community-based learning environment, which includes Individual Education Program (IEP)-driven instruction focusing on the mastery of functional academic skills required for daily living and working in the community. All students benefit from training in the areas of health; personal, workplace, and travel safety; and appropriate social interactions. Through work internships, functional academics, and a variety of daily living experiences, students are prepared to become true citizens of their communities. In addition to traditional academics, students receive instruction in art, music, adaptive physical education, and health education.

A Message from the Principal

  • Hello and welcome to the Transition Center at Wood-Ridge.  I am Robert Mortorano, Principal at the Transition Center.  The new year has brought some new friends to the Transition Center.  We have welcomed a class from our New Bridges Program to become part of our school building.  This has allowed them to benefit from all the wonderful community based instruction our program has to offer. 

    This September has also brought some significant changes to our school building.  All hallway floors have been replaced, along with new ceilings, updated lighting throughout the building, and the walls have all been given a fresh coat of paint.

    We are extremely excited about two new additions to our program.  The first is our new Makerspace Room where students will have the opportunity to bring imaginative ideas to life with our new 3D printers as well as our new host of robotics.  Secondly, we are welcoming our students into our new “Zen Den.”  Here, students will have the opportunity to use our new calming environment to learn about mindfulness and relaxation. 

    Our staff is working diligently to finalize new internship sites as well as new Community Based Instruction opportunities.  Our goal has always been, and will continue to be, to utilize the community as an extension of our classroom. 

    If you are interested in seeing our wonderful program in action, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 201-343-6000 x3602.  We look forward to showing you everything the Transition Center has to offer.

    Thank you,

    Robert Mortorano

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