• 1.  It is a Medicaid regulation that no one should be terminated from Medicaid during the coronavirus pandemic. If you know of anyone who has been terminated from Medicaid since March 2020, please contact me immediately at broberts@arcnj.org

    2. Although the $600 per week in CARES Act unemployment insurance payment results in the loss of SSI, it is important to note that it is not viewed as countable income for NJ Medicaid. The County Medicaid offices are required to review these cases to determine whether the person is eligible for any other NJ FamilyCare programs. 

    3. Below, as an FYI, is a sample SSI termination letter and two slightly different Medicaid letters that families have recently received.  All identifying information has been redacted.

    ·     A letter from Social Security stating that the individual's SSI benefit has been reduced to $0

    ·     First Example: A letter from NJ Medicaid stating that Medicaid will terminate because SSI has ended (This letter does not have a specific Medicaid termination date and it does not reference DDD.)

    ·     Second Example: A letter from NJ Medicaid stating that Medicaid will terminate because SSI has ended (This letter does include a specific Medicaid termination date and it also references DDD program services.)

    4. The Arc of New Jersey believes it is prudent to keep track of everyone with I/DD who has received the aforementioned SSI and Medicaid letters. Please keep in mind that these letters will probably be sent out on a rolling basis. Therefore, some individuals in this situation, who have not received these letters yet, may receive them in the next few days or weeks. If you receive these letters, and you want The Arc of New Jersey to advocate on this individual's behalf, this is what you should do. Please send me an email with the following information:

    ·     The name and address of the individual with I/DD who has received the letters.

    ·     Confirmation that the individual receives DDD services

    ·     The name, phone number and email address of the caregiver/contact person.

    ·     The current employment status of the individual with I/DD, i.e., has returned to work; still unemployed;  currently receiving unemployment in the amount of $_____

    ·     Please attach the SSI and Medicaid letters that this individual received (either scan or take a photo and attach).

    ·     Another other relevant information