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Mindfulness Program Piloted at HIP

photo of students and teacher From mindful listening to noticing their breath, third graders at The Hearing Impaired Program in Midland Park are taking part in a new mindfulness program to learn how to tune in to their bodies. Mindfulness programs, such as the one being piloted at Highland School, are becoming widespread in education. The program encourages students to live in the present by engaging their senses. Research studies show impressive results when students take part in a formal mindfulness program, including: decreased stress and anxiety, improved attention, greater emotional regulation, improved interpersonal skills and greater cognitive outcomes. The students at The Hearing Impaired Program meet once a week to engage in various mindful exercises led by facilitators Brooke Ricci TOD, Jessica Coriat TOD, Arlyn Newman Speech Therapist, Kerri Cleland Speech Therapist and Teri Kelly Physical Therapist.