Superintendent Update

  • Howard Lerner, Ed.D.

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,


    I hope everyone enjoyed a safe, healthy, and relaxing summer and is looking forward to the start of full-time, in-person classes in the upcoming school year.

    Our Re-Start Committees and building-level Pandemic Response Teams are continuing to plan for welcoming students to the 2021-2022 school year. Ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff remains paramount, and we continue to consult with state and local health officials to make sure that all reopening procedures have met that goal. As the first day of school approaches, we continue to:

    • Revisit building schedules, configurations, and “flow” to incorporate as much social distancing as possible for all staff and students in our schools. 
    • Install additional Plexiglass where possible to provide increased barriers to airflow within classrooms and other workspaces.
    • Clean and disinfect all buildings.
    • Ensure the district’s supplies of PPE are adequate to cover situations where staff and students do not bring their own, and where specific school activities require enhanced PPE that people would not ordinarily provide for themselves.
    • Conduct student temperature checks upon arrival to school each day. Additionally, staff/students will continue to submit daily health symptom reports using the district’s online Staff Health Self-Report Tool before coming to work/school.
    • Require that all K-12 students and staff wear a face covering while inside school buildings and while in school vehicles (exceptions will be considered for any person with a medically documented condition that affects their ability to wear a face covering). Each person must provide his/her own “daily use” face covering, but schools will have extra masks for those who may need them.


    I look forward to welcoming our new students and families, and greeting our returning students and their families, in the coming weeks.


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    Howard Lerner, Ed.D.