Welcome to the Behavior Analysis Department

  • The Behavior Analysis Department is comprised of professionals with extensive experience and training in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and Special Education. Every behavior specialist is Board Certified by the BACB or in the process of obtaining their certification. The members of the Behavior Analysis Department serve students with various disabilities in multiple settings.

    Every student in the Autism Continuum has a behavior specialist assigned to his or her class. The behavior specialist works with the student’s teacher, therapists, and assistants to develop appropriate instructional programming and behavior intervention strategies. Parent training is offered through home visits, school observations, and team meetings.

    As a division of Educational Enterprises, the Behavior Analysis Department serves students in local school districts. Behavior specialists are contracted for staff training, program development, Functional Behavior Assessments, social skills instruction, and home program coordination. To obtain our services, submit a request form through the Educational Enterprises web page.

    Members of the Behavior Analysis Department have presented at local and national conferences including Autism New Jersey, New Jersey Association for Behavior Analysis (NJABA), Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA), and have been published in professional journals. To attend a workshop presented by our team, register for one of the many workshops offered regularly through the CAPE Center.

Meet Our Team

  • Meet our team of Behavior Specialists:

    • Melissa Anglesea, M.A., BCBA
    • Claire Arvin, M.A., BCBA
    • Justina Benzan, M.Ed
    • Erika Capone
    • Theresa Levi
    • Laura Mc Mullen, M.S., BCBA
    • Kristen Conforti
    • Moné Davis, M.A.
    • Benjamin Donson, M.S.Ed., BCBA
    • Davide Fincke, M.Ed., BCBA
    • Jennifer Gabrielli, M.A., BCBA
    • Demi Grado, M.A.
    • Amy Hauck
    • Scott Hunter
    • Johanna Lima, M.A., BCBA
    • Nancy Lorenzini, M.A., BCBA
    • Amanda Lysiak, M.S.
    • Amanda Parsons, M.A.T., BCBA
    • Josmay Perez-DeLaCruz, M.A., BCBA
    • Brianna Regan, M.A.
    • Abby Rodgers, M.A., BCBA
    • Cassie Romano, M.A., BCBA
    • Heather Scalchi, M.A.
    • Ed Skeffington M.A., BCBA
    • Eileen Stauber, MBA, BCBA
    • Cindy Wellekens, M.A.
    • Marissa Riggins, M.A.
    • Daniella Suric, M.A., BCBA
    • Corinn Crawford, M.A., BCBA
    • Justin Cooper, M.A.

    For more information about our services please contact Behavior Department Director, Jackie Dubil Craig by calling (201) 343-6000 ext 5851 or email jacdub@bergen.org.

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