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Teacher/Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program Honorees

2018 Honorees We congratulate Megann Bassillo, Teacher at Washington Elementary; Dr. Theresa Kelly, Physical Therapist with Educational Enterprises; and Sue Shafer, Teacher at Bleshman, who were recently honored for their efforts on behalf of students by the Bergen County Teacher/Educational Services Professionals Recognition Program. The Teacher Recognition Program was developed in 1985 to acknowledge classroom teachers who exhibit exceptional performance, and broadened in 2004 following the enactment of the Annual Educational Services Professionals Recognition Act. The goal of this program is to recognize outstanding teachers and educational services professionals at the local and county levels. An outstanding teacher is “one who uses effective and innovative instructional techniques, establishes a positive classroom climate, utilizes educational technology in an effective manner, and fosters feelings of self-worth and love of learning in students.” An outstanding educational services professional is “one who functions as a frontline advocate for the student between home and school, fosters an appropriate environment for learning, supports classroom instruction by addressing the needs of all students, and demonstrates professionalism while retaining respect, humor, compassion, and concern for the whole child.”



Pictured here with Superintendent Dr. Howard Lerner are Megann Bassillo (left), Sue Shafer (center), and Dr. Theresa Kelly (right).