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Highland School has been very busy!

 The HIP program at Highland School has been very busy!  Highland School consists of grades 3-6, and collaborates with Midland Park Schools.  An assembly highlighting African music and dancers kicked off Cultural Awareness week.   Each class was able to travel around the world visiting different countries. They also completed “One School One Book” where the entire student body reads the same book, which helped facilitate language and discussion across the grade levels.   Third and fourth graders belong to a Mindfulness group and meet weekly. The program encourages students to live in the present by engaging their senses.  Fourth graders became published authors and participated in an “Author’s Circle.” They read their original stories for an audience, and Ms. LoCascio, the HIP Principal, presented the students with a certificate of achievement.  In honor of Women’s History Month, the fifth graders wrote a persuasive letter about an influential woman and designed a stamp to go with it.  To complete a literary unit, the sixth grade took a field trip to the movies to watch “A Wrinkle in Time.”  Everyone had an amazing time.  Spring is a busy time at the Highland School and the year is not over yet! 

photo of students