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  • Student From Bleshman being honored at Board Meeting

    Student From Bleshman being honored at Board Meeting

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  • Photo of Gail

    Apple/Bleshman Ceremony Sizzle

    Apple/Bleshman Ceremony Sizzle. Our latest space is our state of the art “smart” apartment. The apartment includes a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and entry area. This functional space replicates the home environment with accessible features such as cabinets with pull down shelves, a wheelchair accessible induction stovetop, water faucets controlled by touch, a microwave drawer that opens/closes through touch (and is accessible for all heights), lights that can be turned on through a touch panel and window shades that are controlled through an iPad.

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  • photo of school

    Bleshman Apple Distinguished Recognition Inspire Video

    Our comprehensive school offers an academic / functional / career-based curriculum with an intensive therapy program that includes Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapies as prescribed by the students’ Individualized Education Plan (IEP). A key component of our program includes offering an integrated approach in instruction and therapies.

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  • photo of slogan

    Bleshman Apple Distinguished Recognition Impact Video

    It is the goal of the Bleshman Regional Day School to help our students reach their greatest potential in their communities. To reach that goal, we work collaboratively with the students' team including, but not limited to, the student, parents/guardians, teacher, school case manager, nurse, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, behaviorist, local district case manager, individual nurse or assistant and principal.

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  •  image of students

    Bleshman Apple Distinguished Recognition Imagine Video

    We continue to focus on our in-house technology programs and how technology can increase student independence in various areas. Our Makerspace Room is tailored to our students’ abilities; it includes robotics and coding equipment, a 3D printer, and interactive technology. The Bleshman Sensory Room allows for heightened and calming sensory experiences.

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  • The Gateway Program

    The Gateway Program (Click here for Video)

    Gateway High School is a departmentalized secondary alternative program that is based on National Reform models and School-To-Career initiatives. The program is designed to educate students with learning and behavioral disabilities with a need for improved coping and/or social skills.

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  • Bergen County Special Services School District (Click here for District Video)

    The Bergen County Special Services School District offers the most innovative, cutting edge programs and services for students with special needs.

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  • The Venture Program (Click here for Video)

    The Venture program services students in grades 7-12 with emotional and/or psychiatric symptomology. The program features individualized and group counseling art therapy, medication management and a strong family support system which has proven highly successful in helping students achieve both academically and socially, often for the first time in their educational career. In addition to providing all approved courses to meet graduation requirements in New Jersey, the Venture program focuses on career readiness and character building. Students can participate in community based career exploration and internships.

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  •  The NOVA North Program

    The NOVA North Program (Click here for Video)

    The NOVA North program, located at the Emerson Junior/Senior High School, educates students in grades seven through twelve who are academically capable but require support to handle a mainstream setting.

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  •  The BELA Program

    The BELA Program (Click here to watch Video)

    BELA places preschool and kindergarten students with disabilities in a typical early childhood educational center setting along with typically developing peers. Our mission is to provide a rich learning environment for students with disabilities and their typically developing peers. The program offers a full-day integrated preschool class and an integrated kindergarten class. Our goal is to see our students move on to an integrated elementary school setting.

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  •  The Union Street School for the Deaf

    The Union Street School for the Deaf (Click here to watch video)

    The Elementary Program at Union Street School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is part of the Communication Skills Continuum, the largest and most comprehensive in New Jersey. Children from preschool to grade four are educated through a total communication approach. This approach uses sign language as well as listening and spoken language.

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  •  The North Street School

    The North Street School (Click Here to watch video)

    Our goal is to assist students in developing more appropriate behavior modification skills, thereby allowing them to transition to a less restrictive environment in another Bergen County Special Services program or to return to their home district high school.

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  • The Career Crossroads Program

    The Career Crossroads Program (Click Here for Video)

    Career Crossroads is a shared time vocational program, offering students the opportunity to explore and prepare for careers in Sales and Customer Service, or Hospitality and Food Service. Students engage in classroom, project-based and community-based learning experiences. A focus of Career Crossroads is preparing students to acquire independence and the “soft skills” required for workplace success: communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem-solving, critical thinking, and professionalism. Students in the morning program are ages 18-21. Students attending the afternoon program are in grades 11 and 12 and attend their local high school in the morning.

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  • The Hearing Impaired Continuum

    The Hearing Impaired Continuum (Click HERE for Video)

    The BCSS programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are the largest and most comprehensive in New Jersey. Children and their families from birth to twenty-one are provided services throughout the continuum and students are educated through a listening and spoken language or a total communication approach.

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  • The Springboard Program (Click HERE for Video)

    "Unlocking Potential. Creating Opportunities." The Springboard Program is one of the most unique programs in the Bergen County Special Services School District in that it is located in a house rather than a school building.

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  • The Brownstone School (Click HERE for Video)

    "Unlocking Potential. Creating Opportunities." See how the Bergen County Specoal Services Brownstone School is transforming the futures of students one child at a time.

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  • The Transition Center @ Wood-Ridge

    The Transition Center @ Wood-Ridge (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO)

    The Transition Center at Wood-Ridge educates students, grades 5 through the age of twenty-one, with special needs who demonstrate cognitive delays. Instruction focuses on developing each student's independent living skills to their full potential. The Transition Center provides a full day school- and community-based learning environment, which includes Individual Education Program (IEP)-driven instruction focusing on the mastery of functional academic skills required for daily living and working in the community.

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  • The Autism Continuum

    The Autism Continuum (Click HERE for Video)

    Welcome to the Bergen County Special Services Autism Continuum. We are committed to providing effective instruction to students with autism and other related disabilities from ages 3 to 21.

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  • The Bleshman Experience (Click HERE for Video)

    "Let's Make a Difference" Bergen County Special Services School uses robots to help teach life skills to differently abled students. See how Bleshman infuses technology into their daily routines! Bleshman Regional Day School helps students reach their greatest potential with a technology driven focus.

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