Health Courses

  • Health – 9 (Core) One Trimester

    This course, the format of which includes lectures, discussions and research, addresses a broad scope of current health issues. The topics covered include, but are not limited to, healthy behaviors, stress management, environmental health, sexuality and human relations, drug and substance abuse, diseases, and nutrition/weight control. Course requirements include oral presentations to allow students to hone in on their speaking skills.

     Health/Driver Education Theory – 10 (Core) One Trimester

    This course provides students with the foundation for becoming a responsible driver with positive decision-making skills. The curriculum focuses on defensive driving and understanding rules and regulations on the road. Emphasis is placed on state law, safe driving attitude, and drug and alcohol avoidance. Through investigation, practice of discrete skills and performances, students develop skills enabling them to administer Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED. Resources: New Jersey Driver Manual (

    Advanced Topics for Health and Wellness – 11/12 (Core) One Trimester

    The 11th/12th grade Advanced Topics curriculum has been developed to educate each student to the four categories outlined by the New Jersey Department of Education: Wellness, Integrated skills (communication, decision making, goal setting, etc.), Drugs and Medicines and Human Relationships & Sexuality. This course aims to increase student knowledge about Wellness, Drugs and Medicines as well as Human Relationships & Sexuality through the use of integrated skills which will provide the student with the essential steps towards taking the responsibility for one’s own health, relationships and lifestyle choices.