BCA Nurse

  • Welcome to BCA's Health Office. A full-time registered nurse is available throughout the day at Bergen County Academies, providing the following services:

    Care of Students and Staff:

    • First Aid
    • Nursing assessment for illness
    • Nursing intervention for chronic health problems
    • Health Counseling and referrals
    • Accident Reports
    • Act as a medical liaison for students who have a temporary or chronic disability

    State Mandated Screening

    • Hearing (9th Grade)
    • Postural (9th and 11th Grades)
    • Height and Weight (Part of sport physical)
    • Vision (Part of sports physical and screening for Driver's Permit)
    • Upon request of student/parent/teacher individual screening may be conducted

    Sports Physical

    Assist the School Physician with annual sports exams during the school year and in August.

    Medication Administration

    • Oversee/administer medication as prescribed by private physician
    • Please note: New Jersey law prohibits the dispensing of medication in a school without a written doctor's order and written parental consent.

    Over-the-counter Medication:

    • The school doctor has authorized the administration of Tylenol, Advil and Mylanta to pupils as needed throughout the school year. Parental permission is necessary before these medications can be administered.
    • Please contact the school nurse or download authorization forms from this site.

    Maintenance of Student Health/Immunization Records

    • Health records for each student maintained throughout student career including: medical history, immunizations, physical exams, and screening results.
    • Immunization records: Ensure that all students' immunizations are complete according to NJ State Requirements. In adherence with NJ State Law, students will be excluded from school for incomplete immunization records.

    Guidelines for School Attendance

    • A student with a fever of 99.8 or above, vomiting or diarrhea should remain at home until 24 hours after symptoms have resolved.
    • Communicable diseases Strep Throat and Conjunctivitis (pink eye) require 24 hours of treatment before a student can return to school.
    • Students with Chickenpox must not return to school until all lesions are scabbed over (5-7 days). *Communicable diseases will be monitored and reported to the Board of Health as necessary.
      *Students who become ill while school is in session must see the school nurse before contacting a parent/guardian to go home.

    Environmental Health

    • Identify environmentally sensitive students and staff
    • Collaborate with Administration and Board of Health to provide a safe school environment.
    • Collaborate with staff/administration to effectively deal with potential crisis intervention and safety issues.
    • Collaborate with staff/administration to identify students with special needs.

Health Forms

Contact Information

  • Laura Hynes, BSN, MA, CSN-NJ
    200 Hackensack Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601
    (p) (201) 343-6000 ext 2254
    (f) (201) 996-6957

    Joann Saab, RN, MSN, CSN-NJ
    200 Hackensack Ave., Hackensack, NJ 07601
    (p) (201) 343-6000 ext 2250
    (f) (201) 996-6957