• Which academies can pursue research projects at BCA?

    Any of them! We have had papers and competition winners from every academy. 


    I am interested in doing research at BCA. Where do I start?

    You should talk to a research mentor teacher in your area of interest.

    Biology: Ms. Waldron, Dr. Sabio, Dr. Smith or Ms. Kennedy. Physics: Dr. Dogru. Chemistry: Dr. Kim. Engineering: Mr. Barbetta, Mr. Nodarse and Mr. Liva. Math: Dr. Penev or Mr. Pinyan.


    What is expected from me if I sign up for research?

    We will help you design your own experimental project based on your interests, the primary literature and safety limitations. You will document your work in a lab notebook and by writing reports. You must also present your work at science fair, competitions, meetings and/or publication.


    How much space in my schedule should I leave for research?

    The minimum time allotted on your schedule will be two Periods per week. However, much more unscheduled time is usually needed to successfully gather data, especially before competition deadlines. Overbooking your academic schedule with extra classes is not advised. You will need some flexibility in your schedule to successfully participate in the research program.


    Does research count toward my GPA?

    No, research and independently-scheduled pre-research electives do fulfil any graduation requirements or count toward GPA. Students may only take one STEM research elective or one STEM research program at a time.