Dr. John Grieco Campus

  • Dr.GriecoDr. John Grieco served as the talented leader of Bergen County Technical Schools for two decades. He passed away on October 2, 2004 at the age of 63. Among Dr. Grieco’s many accomplishments was the initiation and development of the Bergen County Academies, which attract scientifically and technologically talented secondary students. The success of Bergen County Academies served as a catalyst for the initiation of other innovative and challenging programs in the district. Recognized as a visionary educator at county, state and national levels, Dr. Grieco served on prestigious national and state advisory groups associated with educational reform. His energy and commitment to the school districts under his tutelage—especially to the students in those districts—is without equal. Dr. John Grieco’s devotion to education and his leadership in education continue to make a mark on those who now carry the responsibilities for education and leadership.

    "Life must be lived as we go along. Experience the moments alone, experience the moments with others, and share those experiences with all those you come to love."

    -Dr. John Grieco,
    Excerpt from Bergen County Academies Graduation Speech 2003