Purchasing Terms And Conditions

    1. Acknowledgment not required if shipment is to be made within 10 days of receipt of order. If more than 10 days, acknowledgment to be made by return mail giving date shipment will be made. All orders void after 90 days.

    2. Material and work covered by this order will be warranted by the seller to conform to the specifications or other description s furnished by buyer and to be of good material and workmanship and free from defect. Material and work will be inspected after delivery and that not complying with specifications or found defective will be rejected. Rejected deliveries must be removed at seller’s expense within 30 days or will be abandoned.

    3. Shipping costs to be prepaid and added to formal invoice.

    4. Delivery must be made inside as directed by school official and made between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on school days. F.O.B. Destination

    5. Sales tax not applicable to boards of education. No exempt number needed.

    6. All shipments must be clearly marked to show Board of Education purchase order number and must be accompanied by packing list providing ready comparison with contents. Separate invoices must be supplied for each shipment of this order.

    7. Payment will be made only after order is complete or remnants canceled andattached official voucher is properly completed signed by company official, and returned.

    8. Failure of a supplier to execute a purchase order or to comply with any of the terms and conditions may disqualify firm from receiving future orders.

    9. Board of Education reserves the right to cancel this order if delivery is not received within 30 days of receipt of order unless otherwise noted.

    10. The sellers agree with the board of education that the provisions of N.J.S.A. 10:2-1 through 10:2-4 dealing with discrimination in employment on public contracts, and the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, are hereby made a part of this agreement.

    11. The Board of Education complies with Affirmative Action regulations.

    12. A signed voucher must be returned to insure payment.

    13. Must include our purchase order number on your invoice to expedite payment.

    14. If the prices are not correct on the purchase order, please contact Business Office at (201) 343-6000 ext. 4083 to obtain processing approval.

    15. Vendors must provide MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS with all hazardous or toxic substances. We reserve the right to refuse delivery or withhold payment until such time as they are provided.

    16. If products are delivered to wrong address, vendor must pick up supplies and delivered to correct address at no charge to District.

    17. District is not responsible for products delivered damaged, even if products have been accepted.

    18. The District will not pay interest or late fees, regardless of any language provided by the successful vendor.