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  • Green Technology Program

    Program Overview:
    Bergenfield Public Schools and Bergen County Vocational Technical Schools have designed a shared-time pilot program at Bergenfield High School geared toward identifying freshmen and sophomores who would benefit from an innovative approach that integrates real-world, hands-on project work (CTE experience) with academic instruction.  The themes of green technology, current environmental issues, and sustainable engineering and design are to be used as the foundation for the instructional process.

    Students in this interdisciplinary program would have their science, social studies, and a career and technical lab integrated together during 3 class periods daily.  As part of this experience, students will work on real-world projects such as designing and constructing new energy-efficient devices such as solar-powered vehicles, state-of-the-art water purifiers, and sustainable agricultural systems.  Concepts taught in both the academic and CTE classrooms will provide students with the necessary background to apply what they learn in these types of projects.

    Four-Year CTE Course Sequence