Shared Services

  • Computers have become as integrated into our work environment as telephones. All organizations use computers for their core activities and when computers or networks fail, the impact on business is perhaps greater than when telephone service is unavailable.

    Our mission is to provide reliable, available, and centralized IT services to external customers in a responsive and cost effective manner.

    By using our services, customers benefit by:

    • Focusing their resources on their main mission tasks rather than on the IT back-office and desktop services.
    • Freedom from having to recruit, hire and retain technical resources required to care for these types of services.
    • Reducing costs and improving services through consolidation of hardware, software and staffing.

    We believe people and relationships are critical to success in the venture capital business. Our team shares core values that support integrity, innovation, focus, and performance.  We act decisively and proactively to make a difference for our partners. Our technology team has significant experience as technicians and managers of successful high tech companies. Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. The high quality of services can be achieved by providing specialty areas that are managed by the following teams: E-Mail and Web Administration Team, General Technology Administration, Helpdesk and Desktop Management Team, Human Resources and Student Management Team, Internet Services and Website Design and Management Team, IT Project Management Team, Network Management Team, and the Server Administration Team. The uniqueness of the team approach allows for us to effectively build upon resources that can be requested by organizations that require a shared services solution.