Hello from Chartwells K12!

    As the new school year gets underway, we want to help you get to know us better and offer some insights into the meals and programs we’ll be serving up this year. Every day, our goal is to make sure that students leave the cafe- teria happier and healthier than when they came in – here are just a few of the ways we make it happen!

    Foods Kids Love to Eat

    We’re passionate about creating delicious, kid-approved food that nourishes bodies and minds and supports development at this critical time in students’ lives. We’ve transformed your cafeterias into inviting spaces where students want to be, bringing a sense of happiness to each meal as they connect with friends and refuel for the day ahead.

    Whether a student is looking for on-trend dishes with exciting flavor profiles, the perfect pregame snack or a mood-boosting breakfast to tackle the day, they’ll find it in our cafeteria, expertly crafted by a team of culinarians committed to serving up happy and healthy to every student, every day.



    Fun and Engaging Programs

    Schools provide the perfect space for students to make discoveries about food and develop healthy habits. Our unique approach to nutrition education is built around discovery and exploration, creating memorable experiences with a lasting impact.

    discovery kitchen photoDiscovery Kitchen: Learning experiences that spark curiosity, discovery and a sense of adventure are the cornerstone of our innovative approach to nutrition education. Through Discovery Kitchen, we engage students in hands-on cooking demonstrations and tasting events to introduce them to new foods and flavors. Each month will bring a new, exciting theme that blends our menu, promotions and education initiatives together for an immersive experience in the cafeteria, the classroom and at home.

    Student Choice: Student Choice gives students a true voice in deciding what culinary concepts are featured on the menu through fun tasting and voting events. We understand students are savvy consumers with high expectations for the dining experience, so we stay on trend by letting kids take the lead. Winning concepts are served at a Student Choice station or integrated into the menu as a limited time offer until the next vote.

    Menus, Nutrition Facts, and Mobile Ordering at Your Fingertips with Nutrislice 

    Chartwells K12 continues to bring technology to the forefront of the dining experience to help students and their parents prioritize healthy food choices and understand ingredients to help protect their children from allergic reactions. Through Nutrislice, an innovative app, students, parents and faculty have access to school menus, including nutrition information, allergens and photos, available on desktop and mobile devices. Nutrislice can be downloaded for free from the App store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

    How We Protect Your Kids & Manage Food Allergies

    We work closely with children who have food allergies and medical conditions that require a modification to their menu. We’re proud to be the first in the child nutrition industry to have allergen management training courses certified by Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), which all our directors and managers are required to complete. In addition, we maintain an ingredient, recipe, and menu database, Webtrition, that highlights food allergens in the ingredients and recipes we use to assist managers when modifying menus. Through our Nutrislice app, parents have full transparency into the ingredients on the menu, putting more power in their hands to protect their kids from allergic reactions.

    Sustainability & Helping to Create Healthier Communities

    Serving up happy and healthy means taking care of our environment and recognizing the impact of our actions – whether it’s in the local community or an opportunity to improve our planet. Just as sustainability is inherent to how we operate, we know it’s also a priority for our students and families.

    Responsible Sourcing: Implementing measures to protect the planet we share.
    Food Recovery: Donating surplus food serves the planet and the community.
    Farm to School: Bringing fresh produce straight from farms to our schools.
    Clean Labels: Simple, wholesome ingredients make our recipes stand out.
    Waste Reduction: Identifying actionable ideas and sharing insights to reduce food waste.


    Happy Cafeterias Start with Our People

    Creating a happy and healthy environment for students begins with our people! Our associates are the heart and soul of our program, and we empower them to bring their own unique flavor of hospitality to the cafeteria.

    If you have questions about meal service at your school, please reach out to your Director of Dining Services Scott.Kallensee@compass.usa.com or Assistant Director Elizabeth.McCann@compass-usa.com who will be able to assist!