• Chromebook Loan Program
    Full-Time Day Program

    This program allows BCTS- Adult & Continuing Education Full-Time Day Program students to borrow Chromebooks. Students who borrow a Chromebook must comply fully with the Chromebook Loan Agreement, which they must sign prior to taking possession of the device. The Chromebooks are for school business only and may be checked out for the duration of the Full-Time Day Program that the student is enrolled.

    How do I reserve a Chromebook?

    Complete Adult Ed- Chromebook Request Form

    A qr code on a white backgroundDescription automatically generated 

    Where do I pick up and return the Chromebook?
    The Chromebooks are available through Curriculum & Instruction, Room 125A. The Chromebook Loan Agreement must be completed and signed prior to checking out the Chromebook.

     How long can I keep a borrowed Chromebook?
    We allow Chromebooks to be checked out no longer than the term of your Full-Time Day program. All Chromebooks must be returned in good condition on or before the day of graduation. If the student does not return the Chromebooks by the due date, she/he/them will not receive the diploma/transcript.

    Who do I contact if the Chromebook experiences any failure?
    Email:  nanjoa@bergen.org 
    Phone: 201-343-6000 X 2280

    What happens if the Chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged while I have it?
    You will be responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing the Chromebook regardless of fault. Any costs not paid will result in a hold placed on your grades and transcript. Such costs also may be forwarded to collections for appropriate action.

    What happens if the Chromebook experiences a hardware failure while I have it that is not due to any avoidable damage to the Chromebook?
    Technology Services will be responsible for all repairs when the Chromebook is returned.

    Can specialized software be installed on the Chromebook?
    No. These computers are only licensed for the standard image.