Business Administration & Management (BAM) – Hybrid Program

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    Our Business Administration and Management hybrid program aims to prepare students for a career in administrative professional management. The program is designed to expand students’ existing knowledge of Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and Google Fundamentals. Our program teaches students essential skills in Internet Technology through interactive simulations provided in the CompTIA module. One of the most important aspects of the program is the Cybersecurity component, where students acquire the necessary skills to identify and prevent security risks. After completing each module, the students will take their certification exams, which will be proctored in-house by our business instructor.

     The modular curriculum design provides consistency, interactive activity, critical thinking skills, and practical application of the material covered. The successful completion of the 3 modules: (1) Career Development, (2) Computer Applications and Computer Safety, (3) QuickBooks, and support access to a wide range of gainful employment opportunities. 


    Most of your coursework will be completed at your own pace. Please make note that you will still be required to attend in-person classes six (6) times throughout the program. The first day, an agreed-upon day halfway through the program, and the last day. The other three days are certification days. In the event you are unable to attend in person, we ask that you reach out as soon as possible to discuss options. You must log 30 hours per week to remain active and follow the school's attendance policy.


     Length: 700 hours (approximately 7 months)

    *Cost of Certifications is included

    *The cost of textbooks is not included.

    *Articulation Agreement with Felician University: Transfer up to 12 credits /tuition discount 

    *Federal aid and government grants are available to those who qualify.