• School Emergency Action Plan

    A comprehensive school action plan, put in place in the event of a school emergency, is reviewed and updated annually. School personnel receive training from experts from the County Office of Emergency Management on how to respond to emergency situations. Additionally, practice drills are conducted with the staff and students.

    Bergen County Police Partnership

    A detective from Bergen County Police Department is assigned to the Academy as a School Resource Officer. The Bergen County Detective occupies an office in the Common Area. He assists faculty in all aspects of school security. In addition to this partnership, faculty administration at the Academy work closely with adjunct officers/services of the Bergen County Police Department.

    Security Personnel

    Two security personnel, under the auspices of the Bergen County Police Department, are assigned to the Hackensack campus. Coverage is enhanced with a new state of the art security video system.

    1. The Superintendent will determine whether to cancel school.

    2. A school closing announcement for the "Bergen County Technical Schools"  will be broadcast on the following stations:

    1010 WINS - AM radio
    1160 WVNJ - AM radio
    News 12 New Jersey - Cable Television

    3. You may also call the school at 201-343-6000 to listen to a recorded messsage beginning at 6:30 a.m., or contact the Adult & Continuing Education at ext. 2052 or 2288. Evening classes are ALWAYS CANCELLED when the Bergen County Technical Schools are closed.

    Please do not contact the Police Department for snow and/or emergency closings.