• Regeneron Science Talent Search 2022 - Scholars


    Julie Alan, Using Antihistamines to Target α-synuclein for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

    Rishi Kumar, Co-Culturing S. cerevisiae and K. marxianus to Bioremediate Copper from Water

    Seton Liu, A Novel Role for Fis1-Mediated Mitochondrial Fission in Senolytic Drug Development

    Rohit Mantena, The Critical Role of Glutamine Transporter ASCT2 on Parkinson’s Disease Progression

    Kannammai Pichappan, A Novel, Non-Invasive, Schwann Cell Supporting Approach to Peripheral Nervous System Degenerative Disease

    Isabel Shi, 5G Network High Frequency Radiation Exerts Biological Effects on the Health of Differentiated Neuroblastoma Cell and Silkworm Models

    Alexandra Volkova, The Potential of TGF-β and Steroid-Induced Osteoblastic Transdifferentiation of Human Fibroblasts in Replacing the Bone Graft



    2022 National JSHS Finalists:

    Srijan Agarwal, Kannammai Pichappan: