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    Students enrolled in the Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology have a multitude of opportunities to apply the skills learned in the classroom to the real world. By participating in these competitions, clubs, and internships, each student is able to freely express his or her interests. The following are medicine-oriented organizations offered at BCA.


    • The Academies houses a number of research labs with focuses varying from mechanical engineering, to cancer, nanotechnology, and optics. With the state of the art technology available at their fingertips, students excel in competitions such as the Regeneron Science Talent Search, the Siemens competition, the Google Science Fair, and the White House science fair. For further information, please visit our research website at https://research.bergen.org 
    •  Sample of Electives Available
      • Quantum Mechanics
      • Students will be introduced to the fundamental tools of Quantum Mechanics.The course will start with a brief introduction of the principles in Quantum Mechanics. This will be followed by the study of Schrodinger’s equation and itsapplications in various cases such as particle in a box, potential wells and harmonic oscillator. We will also solve the Schrodinger’s equation for Hydrogen atom. Students will be exposed to other tools such as operators, vector spaces, matrices and Dirac notation. This course will be fundamentally different from the “Quantum Physics” elective: mathematical techniques will be utilized frequently. If deemed necessary some topics such as differential equations, complex numbers and linear algebra will be reviewed.
      • Java programming Students will learn to write Java programs involving input and output, conditions, methods, and loops. Oriented programming will be introduced, which is the design paradigm of nearly all modern software systems. Students will learn to design objects having behaviors, properties, and inheritance.