College Center

  • The College Center is committed to providing each student with a multitude ofsupport services throughout their four years of high school. We are here to help each student with their unique aspirations and goals. Our philosophy is to provide a smooth transition from their high school career to college and beyond. The College Center is accessible for assistance with the following:

      • College Application Process
      • College Counseling
      • Scholarships
      • Summer Programs
      • Naviance
      • SAT/ACT Test Prep
      • College Tours
      • College Fair

    The College Center is the right place to begin their journey. During their freshman year, students should feel free to stop by and to say hello. We love to see new students and it is never too early to get to know the College Center and its staff. Students are encouraged to speak to me about their future plans and what their future goals will be. If you have any questions, stopping by the College Center is always a good idea.

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