• About ATCS

    The Academy for Technology and Computer Science offers a curriculum that provides students with a strong foundation in the core concepts of computer science, experience in a broad variety of programming skills and paradigms, and a focus on the application of programming to practical challenges.

    ATCS students develop a strong foundational understanding of programming, computer architecture, data structures and algorithms, and program analysis. Throughout their careers at BCA, students extend their skills in computing through projects and electives of their choice, often including processor design, web application development, robotics, computer security, and mechatronics.

    Because of their strong backgrounds in computer science, ATCS students have competed successfully in prominent competitions such as The International Computer Science Olympiad, Panasonic Challenge, National Center for Women & Information Technology, the Future Business Leaders of America Competition, and the American Computer Science League.

    The program is oriented around underlying ideas that will never become obsolete, even as technologies change. ATCS students will be well prepared for a college major such as computer science, computer engineering, or information systems. Those who decide not to pursue computer-related careers in the future will find that the technical skills they have acquired through the academy's curriculum will prove to be useful in a number of other fields.