School Counseling Department

  • The Bergen Tech School Counseling Department provides a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for students to learn and grow in an academically challenging institution. Our mission is to provide academic, social, and emotional support at each grade level in order for each student to reach and surpass their individual potential. Working in partnership with teachers, administrators, parents, and community members, we provide the necessary support that students require during their adolescent years.

    Throughout high school, our students utilize Naviance, an online career and college portal. This excellent tool allows students, parents and counselors to communicate about the college process, research what majors are offered at different colleges and maintain a working list of college prospects. With Naviance, the college process becomes far less daunting and students are able to truly assess which colleges are best for their personal goals and abilities. Parents are able to access Naviance as well, so that they can be fully involved and active in the college process.

    Although a student's needs vary at each grade level, our commitment to each student's success remains the same. From encouraging students to reach out when they need a helping hand or supporting them through tough times, the School Counseling Department is committed to helping students reach and surpass their academic, social, and emotional potential.

    School Counseling Department Faculty

    Debbie Donohue, Secretary, ext. 7733 email:

    Sharon Genicoff ext. 7613

    • Digital Media
    • Law & Justice
    • Culinology® (Grade 9)

    Carlos Pena ext. 7607

    • Computer Science
    • Strategic Asset Management
    • Culinology® (Grade 12)

    Monet Kendall ext. 7705

    • Automotive Engineering & Design
    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Culinology® (Grade 11)

    Cynthia Mak ext: 7713

    • Commercial Art 
    • Fashion Design
    • Culinology® (Grade 10)