Support Services

  • The Bergen County Technical High School - Teterboro believes that all students can achieve and should be empowered to succeed to their full individual potential. In order to achieve this goal, cooperation is vital among parents, students, and school.   More specifically, effective communication and collaboration is essential in promoting social, emotional and academic growth for every student.

    Recognizing the various needs of students throughout their high school career, BCTHS – Teterboro offers assistance in the areas of counseling, special education, and the development/monitoring of IEP, 504 and I&RS Plans.   As advocates for all students, the BCTHS – Teterboro staff works with students, families, teachers and staff to identify interventions and strategies to remove barriers to learning. 

    The role of the Student Assistance Counselor is to provide both counseling and school-wide services. The primary responsibility of the SAC is to promote the social, emotional and personal development of all students. Ms. Nardelli and Ms Zulli provide individual and group counseling in the following areas: anxiety/depression, academic struggles, personal conflicts, LGBTQ+, relationships/family issues, HIB (harassment, intimidation and bullying), and any other issues that the student is experiencing. Ms. Nardelli and Ms Zulli are here for the students.  The most important part of the SAC’s role is to be an advocate for the needs of the students at BT.

    BCTS Teterboro has partnered with Bergen County Therapy to implement the Navigating Success Through Wellness in our school. The Navigating Success Through Wellness Team hosts parent meetings on various topics surrounding mental health every first and third Wednesday of the month in order to support BCTS parents. You may contact the Navigating Success Through Wellness team at for more information. 

    Child Study Team

    Jon Bercovici
    School Social Worker/Case Manager
    ext. 8416

    Laura Nardelli
    Student Assistance Counselor (SAC), 504 Coordinator (Grades 9,10), I&RS Coordinator 
    ext. 7712

    Sydney Zulli
    Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)
    ext. 7720

    Monet Kendall
    504 Coordinator (Grades 11,12)
    ext. 7705

    504 Initial Request for Assistance Form

    I&RS Initial Request for Assistance Form