• Physics Explorations

    Course Description

    The Physics Department is offering a lab-based summer program called Physics Explorations. Students will be exposed to the basic theories of Modern Physics and Interferometry. Students will then have the opportunity to design and perform several experiments. The initial phase of the program will focus on the basics of the theory and becoming familiar with optical components and the apparatus to develop optical layout and alignment skills. Possible experiments to be performed (depending on the pace of the course) include: measurement of the wavelength, measurement of index of refraction, white light interferometry, electro-optic effect using Sagnac Configuration and so on. Students will run the experiments, and collect and analyze data. A tentative outline of the course is as follows:

    • Introduction to Basic Concepts
    • Introduction to Experimental Apparatus (Optical components, lasers, oscilloscope, etc.)
    • Setting up the Experiment (Guided by the Instructor)
    • Running the Experiment
    • Analysis of the Experimental Observation

    This course introduces students to the knowledge and skills needed to start successful research projects in Physics. Students who have an interest in Modern Physics and/or Optics and who would like to gain some hands-on experience in experimental physics should apply.


    Week 1: Monday, 6/27 - Thursday 6/30

     Week 2: Tuesday, 7/5 - Friday, 7/8

     9:00 AM - 2:00 PM each day


    Dr. Dogru: Room 31, Bergen County Academies campus in Hackensack, New Jersey.

    • Seat limit: 16