How to Apply

  • Thank you for your interest in the BCTS Adult Education Full-Time Program. We are thrilled to help you navigate through the application process and ensure that your submission is processed promptly. PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ACCESS MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO APPLY


    How to Apply

  • Bergen County Technical Schools Adult Education & Continuing Education Full-Time Day Program accepts applications on an open- enrollment basis. However, all programs have fixed start dates and will be closed once enrollment has reached its maximum capacity. It is critical that students receive advice prior to registering for a course. 

    Procedures for Admissions*

    1. Attend an information session: Information sessions are scheduled in-person at 190 Hackensack Ave. Hackensack, NJ 07601 on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm, and include program/school overview, tour of shops/classrooms and an opportunity to meet instructors. Walk-ins are welcome. Contact the Admissions Office ( or 201-343-6000 X 2047) if you have any questions or concerns regarding the information session.
    2. Submit a completed application form: Complete the school’s application form HERE and return it to the admissions office. Applications can be completed by being mailed to the institution, handed in-person, or e-mailed to the Admissions Counselor.
    3. Schedule a meeting with the Admissions Counselor: Upon completion of the application, the admissions counselor will contact you to set up a meeting to complete your application, go over other necessary documentation required and next steps.

    The following will be required to enroll:

      1. High School Diploma or GED/HSE equivalency (A college diploma, or 30 credits, from an institution in the U.S can be used in lieu of a high school diploma)
      2. Mantoux (TB) results from a doctor or local health department
      3. Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) test results if applicable (*Please note that a high school or HSE diploma outside of New Jersey, or a diploma issued in New Jersey prior to 2004, will require the prospective student to sit for a TABE exam)
      4. $100 non-refundable tuition deposit (cash, check, money order and Visa or Mastercard are accepted)
    1. Schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Office: A meeting with the Financial Aid Officer is necessary for all students enrolling in a program more than 600 hours. The Financial Aid Officer will reach out to you once your application is fully completed to schedule the appointment.
      1. Prior to meeting with the Financial Aid Officer
        1. Prepare Documentation: To complete the FAFSA form, obtain the form labeled “Before Beginning a FAFSA-Documents Needed” from the admissions office
        2. Complete FAFSA Worksheet: FAFSA worksheet can be obtained online at or upon enrolling at BCTS
    1. Attend your scheduled orientation: An orientation will be scheduled prior to the start of class at the Adult Education building. Students will be able to purchase books, complete necessary documentation and learn about rules and expectations.

    *If you are enrolling in school through a Government Agency, approval for school funding is required from the Agency’s Counselor.