•  What is WBA? 

    The Bergen County Technical Schools (BCTS) Adult & Continuing Education Full-Time Day Program has designed an action plan for students in Heating, Air-Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Technology/Technician (HVACR) and Plumbing Technology/Plumber to participate in WBAs or internships, as outlined by the Commission on Occupational Education (COE), this institution’s accrediting agency. 

    The plan provides: (a) students with the opportunity to develop and apply ‘real-world’ work experiences using the knowledge and skills attained in their program of study, and (b) input from potential employers or customers of program graduates for the institution to develop and monitor goals and objectives. 

    HVACR and Plumbing Technology/Plumber students can participate in the Work-Based Activity (WBA) internship program for 144 hours of field over a six (6) week period. Students who decide to participate may secure their own employer or receive assistance from the Job Placement Specialist. Students attend the WBA four (4) days a week and attend school one (1) day a week. Students who do not wish to participate in the WBA complete an in-class cumulative culminating project similar to the field experience. 

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