School Values

  • We believe that…


    1. Students need to be physically and emotionally safe to learn.
    2. Students are most successful when their basic needs (nutrition, exercise, sleep, shelter, etc.) are met.

    Culture and Climate 

    1. Respectful behavior is essential for success at school and at work.
    2. Our commitment to consistent rules and expectations will foster the most effective learning environment.
    3. Success should be recognized for all stakeholder groups.


    1. Our program should provide students with choice, flexibility, and opportunity.
    2. All facets of our educational program should be based on the individual needs of the students.
    3. Passion, motivation, and perseverance are essential for success at school and at work. 
    4. Achievement is both critical and personalized based on the needs and goals of the student.
    5. Stronger workplace readiness skills will increase opportunities for our students.
    6. Teaching is at its best when it provides a real-world or authentic context.
    7. Fostering creativity is necessary for the long term success and happiness of our students.


    1. We cannot succeed without the contributions of all stakeholders groups.
    2. Schools are most effective when students, staff and families work together.
    3. Our educational program is enhanced when we leverage partnerships within our community.
    4. Our school should instill a strong value for service among students.
    5. Our school community should respect, appreciate, and celebrate the differences of others.
    6. Our school can leave a lasting legacy in the profession.