About BCTHS - Paramus

  • Our Mission:

    To ensure a safe, accepting, and collaborative learning environment where students are motivated to achieve personal, social, academic, and career goals.

    Bergen County Technical High School - Paramus Campus

    A free public high school of choice for Bergen County residents, Bergen County Technical High School/ Paramus, falls under the auspices of the Bergen County Technical High School District. The Paramus campus provides students with a strong academic and technical foundation to pursue either postsecondary educational opportunities or entrance into the workforce upon graduation. Unlike most traditional public high schools, our students learn in classrooms and career-specific technical labs that mirror future academic and professional environments. Whether in physics or automotive lab, our students engage in collaborative interdisciplinary activities that foster interpersonal, communication, and critical thinking skills. Bergen County Technical High School/Paramus recognizes the need to prepare students for entrance into a highly competitive global economy that is continuously evolving. To that end, students are immersed in applied learning experiences that utilize the latest technologies, equipment, and facilities that will define tomorrow’s workplace.

    Bergen County Technical High School/Paramus is committed to serving the needs of students with both Full-Time and Shared-Time Programs.