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Paramus Admissions

  • Bergen County Technical High School, Paramus Campus is looking for motivated students who are interested in pursuing technical and academic studies leading to a technical career or college placement. Candidates should be in good academic standing with a history of appropriate behavior, acceptable attendance and good relations with teachers and peers. BCTS Paramus offers educational opportunities for high school students who reside in the County of Bergen.

    The campus offers both full-time and shared-time programs. The full-time program is designed for students with learning disabilities and provides both academic and technical classes and meets New Jersey high school graduation requirements. Students for the full-time option are selected upon application to the school during the eighth grade year for entrance as ninth graders. The shared-time program provides the opportunity for high school students to gain educational experience in various technical and career areas while they continue to complete academic requirements at their local high schools. Pending space availability, some students may qualify for admission as tenth graders for either the full-time or shared-time programs.

    Consider the admissions guidelines below when applying: 

    Make a timely decision. Applications are due in the fall of every school year on the dates announced. Students for the full-time program may enter at the beginning of grade 9 or grade 10. Students for the shared-time program may enter at the beginning of grades 9, 10. We encourage you to enter in grade 9 in order to take full advantage of the program. Preference is given to qualified students who enter in grade 9. If you decide to apply, follow directions carefully. We ask for specific information. Make sure to submit a complete application package so we can fairly evaluate you.

    Submit your application on time. We recommend that you get your application to us at least a week before the due date. If anything is missing, you will have time to get missing information to us before the deadline.

    Know what we are looking for in our students. You will understand if a program is right for you and how we will evaluate your application.

    The Admissions Committee for the Paramus Campus examines the strengths and talents of all applicants. The interest and aptitude of prospective students are carefully considered during the admissions and placement process. Students who are deemed eligible for special education are placed in the least restrictive educational environment, according to each student's educational needs and the requirements set forth in state and federal law.

    The school encourages all prospective students and parents to attend a Paramus Night Tour Session and to visit with their current local school guidance counselors to discuss high school options.

    If you have any questions regarding the admissions process for the Paramus campus, please contact the Admissions Department at phsadmissions@bergen.org