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Automotive Collision Repair

Program Description

The Automotive Collision Repair program follows a curriculum recommended by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). The school tracks student development through a series of competencies and projects that supports this ASE course of study. 

Study in Automotive Collision Repair includes both theory and hands-on work. Students learn how to maintain acceptable working conditions, interpret work orders, and use both hand and power tools. Students become experienced in working with auto body fillers, modern automotive paints and primers, as well as rust proofing materials. 

Through hands-on work, students learn how to replace body panels, trim, and glass, use welding equipment and straighten damaged areas of vehicles. In the painting portion, refinishing small and large areas of an automobile with the most modern paints will be covered. 

By the end of the program, our students become adept in meeting the demands of today’s sophisticated collision repair industry. ASE and NOCTI examinations are administered upon completion of the program. Students  are prepared to be placed with advanced standing in the field of collision repair or to continue their technical education in a college or postsecondary technical school. 

Students may enter this program as 9th/10th Graders only.

 Instructor: Joseph Pantano (