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Media Production

Program Description

Media Production

The Media Production program develops creative talents in students through design technology. Students learn advanced imaging techniques utilizing digital cameras, scanners and industry-standard software The overall goal of the Media Production program is to develop the creative talents and skills of students, as well as to channel those talents and skills for marketability in today's workplaces. This is accomplished through the convergence of skill development in topography, digital and non-digital imagery with creative ideas for the design and production of attractive and effective communications. 

Students learn color theory, pre-press operations and print production, advanced imaging techniques using digital cameras, scanners and Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign). Students also learn presentation skills through website design and construction using Dreamweaver and Flash animation software. Program Description Since the workplace demands deadlines, organizational skills are stressed in the program and students learn to finish work simulated projects on-time. 

Project-based learning includes advertising, editorial page design, posters, packaging, and design for books, exhibitions and websites. This program prepares students for entry level positions in advertising, publishing, and printing industries, as well as the art departments found in corporations and businesses. This program offers students the opportunity to earn six credits prior to high school graduation toward an Associates Degree at Bergen Community College.

Instructor: Tom Rome (